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Axiantis provides public and private Leaders, CEOs , Boards and key corporate decision makers, with governance, compliance, and strategic Intelligence advisory as well as Litigation & Disputes support and M&A advisory to help Leaders with mitigation, negotiation, response and solution of all business risks and threats faced.

We are called on to :
  • Solve problems and prevent or redress crisis situations
  • Prevent reputation damage
  • Help Clients and Counsels with complex disputes and litigations

A worldwide network of experts

Our partners and High Level Experts have a deep expertise in Risk Intelligence, Investigation, Litigation support, Fraud, Anti Money-Laundering, Corruption, Terrorism, Financing, Data and Cyber.

They can rely on a worldwide network of correspondants:

  • More than 100 sector correspondants (former journalists, accountants, consultants, lawyers, former civil servants, financial analysts, industry specialists) in over fifty jurisdictions.

  • More than 50 experts and correspondants referenced: Research identification, Legal collection and analysis of corporate, legal and financial data in difficult and opaque jurisdictions.

Expertise and language capabilities: French / German / Arabic / Italian / German / Russian / Chinese / Portuguese


Our approach and methods are a mix of intelligence gathering and analysis of all available data and information sources plus human field research techniques, combined with classic auditing methods and advanced technology forensic, cyber and data analysis technologies.

Open source intelligence

Data collection gathering of all types of available open sources, Internet, public domain as well as social networks, press, metadata, websites (domain names, IP addresses, DNS processes), reverse image and text chack, email addresses, telephone numbers, Internet archives, analysis of strategies, etc.

Social network analysis

Technology tools and software allow the analysis of the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube) to collect, extract, sort and analyse all information available in the public domain in relation to an individual or entity and establish a mapping to process advanced relational analysis.

Extensive access to national and international dabatases

Negotiated contractual acquisition of extensive paid access to commercial, legal, financial, media, local, regional, national and international databases.

Extensive networks of correspondants

AXIANTIS fosters and nurtures an extensive network of correspondents to conduct all specific research and verification in jurisdictions around the world.