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Litigations & Disputes

Service 1

Litigation support / Expert witness

Our Litigation Support and Expert Witness Service offers comprehensive assistance for legal proceedings, providing reliable, objective, and professionally presented evidence to support your case.

With a deep understanding of complex legal and industry-specific issues, our team is prepared to provide the critical insights necessary for your success.

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Service 2

Asset tracing & Recovery

Our Assets Tracing and Recovery Service is tailored to locate and recover assets that have been misplaced, misappropriated, or concealed.

We utilize advanced investigative techniques and financial analysis to trace assets across multiple jurisdictions, assisting clients in legal disputes, fraud cases, insolvencies, or other circumstances where assets need to be located and recovered.

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Service 3

Forensic accounting

Axiantis Forensic Accounting Services are designed to provide thorough financial investigation and analysis in situations of suspected fraud, disputes, or other financial irregularities.

Axiantis expert team combines accounting knowledge with investigative skills to uncover facts, analyze complex financial data, and present information in a manner that is understandable and legally sustainable.

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